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Following the offseason departure of Matthew Dellavedova, who signed a four-year, $39-million contract with the Milwaukee Bucks, the Cavs are suddenly shallow at point guard. Kyrie Irving is the team’s starting point guard, and LeBron James, of course, handles much of the playmaking duties. However, behind Irving, the only other true point guard is Kay Felder, whom the Cavs took with the 54th pick in the draft this June. Unless the Cavaliers dip into free agency in the middle of training camp, the lack of depth at perhaps the most crucial position on the floor will put unwanted pressure on Irving and James. Should either go down with an injury, the playmaking duties will fall almost squarely on the other. It would also mean Felder would be thrown into the fire to play big minutes as a backup point guard. Going into the season, this isn’t the situation James wants to find himself in. With seemingly annual runs into late June, James has made a point of taking his foot off the gas slightly during the regular season (though that doesn’t include taking many games off). look at this websiteIf Irving were to get injured, that would leavehim to almost exclusively run the offense, forcing him to play heavy minutes. The same is true in the other case. Since returning to Cleveland, James has acted as more of a facilitator than Irving, who is more of a scoring point guard.

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